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Your Guide to Choosing the Best Freelance Book Editor

Having completed your manuscript, the next big decision that you have to make is about the editor to work with. Working with a freelance book editor gives you better chances of specialized attention to your book. You need to tread carefully on this because the editor you choose can affect the progress of your manuscript. Thus, it is crucial to consider different factors about various book editors so that you can pick the best one. Below are among the factors to consider in making this choice.

You have to consider the area of specialty of a freelance book editor. You need a book editor who is familiar with the particular genre that your manuscript is in so that they can do an excellent job on it. Find out the areas of specialty of the freelance book editor so that you can give the role to someone familiar with the genre of your manuscript.

You need to look at the level of experience that a freelance book editor has in providing editing services. Not only do you need a freelance book editor who is familiar with your manuscript genre, but one who also has vast experience levels in offering excellent editing services. You should find out the period within which an editor has been offering editing services because this can help you gauge their experience level.

You have to determine the level of attention that an editor will give to your project. When a freelance editor has too much work in their hands at a time, they will most likely not focus as much as they should on your project. This can adversely affect the quality of the work they perform. You need a freelance book editor whose editing is their full-time job and who has a strict policy to give full attention to one project at a time until it is complete. This way, you can be sure that they will pay attention to your manuscript so that they can offer the best editing services to you.

Another thing to consider is the level to which an editor helps you grow as a writer. While an editor is instrumental in getting your manuscript ready for publishing, they may also have notes and ideas on things you can do to improve your writing on the project they are editing and even for the future. Thus, you should ensure that you pick an editor who will not only help edit your current manuscript but who also enables you to grow as a writer by giving you the information you need to do better in your writing. The experience with different manuscripts places them at an advantage regarding some of the things you can do to improve your writing, and you can find it beneficial when you find an editor who is willing and ready to give you these insights. Such will even be better when the editor educates you on things you can do to improve your writing at no extra charge.

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