The New York Family Caregiver Payment Program: How it Works

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Technology has enabled many people to stay in their homes as they age and during illness rather than move to a nursing home or rehabilitation facility. People that remain in their homes are statistically happier, recover sooner from surgeries, and are less likely to experience certain infections than those that reside in a medical facility. At-home care has benefits, but it relies on caregivers to tend to the needs that medical apps and other tech-based help cannot perform.

Common Family Concern

Unpaid family caregivers in the United States number about 40 million and about 90 percent are caring for a relative. The person responsible for the care may not have the option to work, and their family can suffer due to the lack of financial support. Many people struggle with the stress of a full-time job as they also work full time helping their loved one.

Potential Care Solution

The state of New York now has a program that allows people to hire a family member or a friend to help with their needs. The program pays for caregivers if the patient receives Medicaid. Eligible caregivers include the child, relative, or friend of the patient. People who are the spouses of patients or the parents of children under the age of 21 that need care are not eligible. The cdpap program enables people to have their loved ones care for them without forcing relatives or friends to sacrifice their financial well-being.

Flexible Program Options

Patients can join the program along with their friends and relatives that want to participate. The program is available to all Medicaid patients. Even people that already have some homecare help through other insurance or benefit plans may qualify. Patients receive up to 60 hours of paid care and the caregivers can work those hours on their own or share them with other approved friends or family members.

The program offered by cpap is for any home care patients that need more help. It is a benefit for caregivers that want to continue to be there for their loved one, but also need to pay their bills. Anyone not currently receiving Medicaid should find out more about their eligibility.