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The Importance of Dog Training

As a dog owner, you need to appreciate the fact that dog training is such an important part of your dog’s life. And dog training is seen to be such an important part of a dog’s life for a number of reasons such as the fact that it provides the needed mental stimulation for the dog and as well helps keep them happy. Added to this, training the dog when combined with a routine of morning exercise end up tiring the dog which enhances their chance of sleeping during the day.

By far and away, the best training for your dog would be the kind that is reward based. Talking of reward based training for your dog, these are simply the kinds of training programs that see the dog set up to achieve something and in the event that they achieve this, they are then rewarded for the same, good behavior, known as positive reinforcement.

These kinds of dog training programs are so ideal looking at the fact that they are enjoyable to the canine friends at home and enhance the camaraderie between the dog and their handler or owners. Just as we have already mentioned above, this is a form or approach to dog training that mainly focuses on the positive reinforcements, wherein we get to reward and appreciate the dogs for the behavior that we approve of as their handlers. The rewards can come in the form of treats or some other verbal reward that shows appreciation.

When it comes to the reward based training for dogs, it is to be noted that this is an approach that completely ignores any unapproved of behavior by the dog. This is even looking at the fact that when your dog notices that some behavior of theirs is not being rewarded or they are not given any attention when they do something in particular, the dog will stop doing the same.

Be mindful of the fact that it may not be wise to react to your dog’s errant behaviors in shouts and bouts of anger as they may fail to decode this as a show of displeasure or disapproval but a show of attention which may only end up serving to reinforce the bad behavior in the dog. Thus, it may be said that even in cases where there is a display of unwanted behavior, it may be advisable to not react to these as this may be better than whatever reaction you may have thought of.

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